Technical Development for Volunteers

National Race Officer (NRO) Jonathan Kwek will be running a technical development course for regatta volunteers over the upcoming months. The course consists of 6 different modules that will educate and up skill participants in the various areas such as communications in race management, the usage of GPS for course configurations, basic race management and mark laying techniques.

Part 1 of this course will happen on the 7th of March from 1 – 530pm, and will include theory sessions before an on-water practical session. Each session will cost S$10. The course size will be capped at 15 participants.

Programme Modules

1) Communications on the VHF Radio

– Wind effect on communications
– Proper language used in communications
– How to set VHF, channels, SQL, volume, scaning
– Proper techniques in communications

Practical session: 7 Mar 2020

2) Use of Garmin and Android Handheld GPS

– Using Garmin or other handheld GPS
– Using Android GPS
– Basic settings
– How to mark waypoints
– How go to waypoints
– How to navigate using GPS
– How use GPS to set mark in deep waters

Practical session with actual marks and sailors: 23 May 2020

3) Basic Race Management

– Role and duty of timers
– Role and duty of visual signal officers
– Role and duty of gunners (sound signal)
– Role and duty of recorders
– Sighting line description and recording
– Role of C signal
– Role of S signal

Practical session with actual Marks and sailors: 11 July 2020

4) Course Configurations

– Course angle and setting for IODA
– Course angle and setting for 60/70 degree trapezoid course
– Course angle and setting for  windward/leeward course
– Setting reference points for GPS

Practical session with actual marks and sailors: 26 Sep 2020

 5) Mark Laying Techniques

– Details of preparation before laying marks
– How to recover mark and lay again (simple & professional way)
– How to shorten excess anchor line
– How to check excess anchor line and when to check
– Where to position during race when signaling C, S, N & 1st Sub

Practical session with actual marks and sailors: 17 Oct 2020

6) Race Officer (use of GPS and Charts)

– How to use signal boat co-ordinates to map reference point
– How to use a marine chart to plan for race area
– How to use the tide table to plan for race
– How to use a speed chart for each class

Practical session with actual marks and sailors: 31 Oct 2020


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19 Dec 2020

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Mar 07 2020

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 06 - 07 2020

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